Placement Services For Universities

Placement Services for Universities in India

A combined initiative of Global CHRO Partners, Gladwin Analytics and Gladwin International Academic Partners.

We facilitate final placements for your UG, PG and PhD students in two ways:

1. In partnership with Global CHRO Partners (Part of Gladwin Group of Companies) every year, we take 100's of students from your institution (top 5 students from each and every course) to 100+ MNC's and Startups in India and facilitate interviews and enable high package offers. This way, we help our Corporate Partners to hire 1'000's of top freshers from every stream and help our University Partners to achieve maximum percentage placements every year.

2. We also work with our University Partners and help them in Campus Placement efforts year on year.

Contact us today to learn how we can facililtate direct placements with top MNC's and Successful Startups for your outgoing UG, PG & PhD students.

Important: Please note, Placement Services are available only to our clients engaging with us in Marketing and Branding + Direct Admission Services.

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